BW3 Nutrition

BW3 nutrition information helps you make a wise choice from their menu.

BW3 Nutrition BW3 Nutrition BW3 Nutrition

BW3 Nutrition Surprises

Buffalo Wild Wings, or BW3, began with a great idea and one restaurant, which now covers the country. Gather a little BW3 nutrition information to help you make a wise choice from their menu - chicken wings, burgers, beer, and other great menu items. BW3 grew to be nationwide because of their delicious food - quite a success story considering their humble beginnings in Athens, Ohio.
What does the BW3 stand for? Actually their original name was Wild Wings and Weck. Weck is a type of sandwich from New York made of rare, thin slices of roast beef and served on a kummelweck (Kaiser) roll. 
Founders James Disbrow and Scott Lowery were in town to judge a figure skating contest at Kent State University and looked all over town for authentic buffalo wings. Unable to find any, they decided to open their own place in Columbus, Ohio in 1982. By 2009, they had 652 restaurant locations across 45 American states, because people love food from B-Dubs, another name customers have given BW3.
BW3 Nutrition
Their menu is extensive, especially when it comes to so many variations on flavors. To help you make some choices that are right for you, let's look at a few of the most popular items and their numbers for calories, protein, fat, and carbohydrates.

BW3 Nutrition
These are just a small sampling of the many different meals available at Wild Wings. As you can see there are low calorie, low fat meals, as well as richer fare. There is also a kids' menu which offers smaller portions and less spicy taste. And they serve many kinds of beer. Whether you want to eat light, or indulge in a main meal, there are so many delicious menu choices.
Enjoy your BW3 meal in an atmosphere that is lively with their focus on sports and big screen displays showing live competitions like football, baseball, basketball, mixed martial arts, and jujitsu. If there is any particular event you and your party want to see, all you have to do is ask and they will put it on.
You can feel good about patronizing BW3 because of their participation in social and community outreach programs. "Team Up For Kids" supports sports for children in local communities. With their "Eat Wings, Raise Funds" program they help organizations raise money by donating when members dine. They donate to the scholarship fund called Prostart, and give as much as $75,000 a year.
Delicious food, great atmosphere and a socially conscious company makes BW3 nutrition not only taste great, but contributes to the well-being of the community.